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Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island, San Francisco
Man-made Treasure Island was dedicated on August 26, 1937.

Published by Stanley A. Piltz

on ramp Treasure Island postcard
The Western Gate
The Western Gate was constructed of a series of wind baffles, small walls arranged in a semi-circle to allow entrance while keeping the wind out. The Elephant Towers stood on either side.

This entrance, which passed into the Court of Honor at the base of the Tower of the Sun, was used only by bus and taxi passengers. A similar set of wind baffles was constructed for passengers arriving from San Francisco by ferry.

Published by James K. Piggott
early Treasure Island postcard

Greetings from
San Francisco
Night Lighting and
Elephant Trains
Man-Made Treasure Island
Wish You Were Here
night lighting Treasure Island postcard
san francisco Treasure Island postcard
Treasure Island postcard
manmade Treasure Island postcard
engineering Treasure Island postcard
western gate Treasure Island postcard
Night view from Twin Peaks
Postcard shows the illumination of Market Street, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and Treasure Island with the Tower of the Sun.

Photograph by Alexander (Zan) Stark
Fireworks over the Lagoon
Federal Building in the background.

Photograph by Gabriel Moulin

Dedicated August, 1937
Man-made Treasure Island was dedicated on August 26,
1937. This aerial view over San Francisco shows the island
prior to construction of the fair buildings.

Publisher unknown
night view twin peaks Treasure Island postcard
lagoon fireworks Treasure Island postcard
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Treasure Island On-Ramp
The on-ramp leading to Treasure Island from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is still in use today.

Published by James K. Piggott

Early Postcard
Perhaps the earliest postcard issued for the Golden Gate International Exposition, shot from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, shows the dredging machines and temporary sea walls as construction for Treasure Island was just beginning.

Published by Owl Drugstores, photographer unknown

Wish You Were Here! Postcards from the Golden Gate International Exposition is presented by the Treasure Island Museum.
Treasure Island postcard
Aerial View of Treasure Island
Looking southwest, with Yerba Buena Island and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the background. The parking lot at the northern end of the island held approximately 12,000 cars.

Published by James K. Piggott