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Wish You Were Here! Postcards from the Golden Gate International Exposition is presented by the Treasure Island Museum.
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The Clippers
San Francisco's Bridges
The Pacific Clipper
Wish You Were Here
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Treasure Island postcard
Treasure Island postcard

California Buildings and Bay Bridge
The Golden Gate International Exposition was held to celebrate the construction of San Francisco's two new bridges.

Published by H.S. Crocker
san francisco bridges
pan am clippers
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San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was dedicated on November 12, 1936; the Golden Gate Bridge was dedicated on May 27, 1937; and on August 26, 1937, dredging for Treasure Island, the site of the fair, was complete.

Artwork by Russell Wilson
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Panoramic Postcard
This panoramic double postcard shows Treasure Island and the newly completed Golden Gate and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridges.

Published by W. Blondel